Your Favorite YouTube Channels

What YouTube channels do you enjoy watching? There’s at least a dozen channels I keep up with. I think most of us here love shit like Red Letter Media, but I’m more curious about the weird ones you follow.

I follow a lot of music nerds.

This guy’s a classical music critic. I watch every video he makes. His voice is obnoxious but he’s a font of wisdom when it comes to recordings. I don’t always agree with him, but he knows his shit. He must own at least 10,000 CDs. I’m guessing he’s independently wealthy and can just sit and eat and listen to music all day. The dream.

This guy’s a guilty pleasure. He’s a total dork with questionable taste (shitty prog and metal), but I just identify with physical media collectors/list nerds of all strips. He’s a dork, but he’s my brother. I’ll watch him and his other dork collector friends talk about their favorite Dream Theater deep cuts all day.

Wonderfully clear and concise analyses of classical music on this channel. The guy’s voice seems to hint at autism.

Found Footage Festival is a non-music channel I follow. They watch weird old VHS tapes. They’re funny dudes, too. I get a nice positive feeling from watching them. I’ve been falling asleep to these the last few weeks.


I like Steve1989MREInfo, he eats and reviews portable military rations from all over the world, including some super old ones

I like Tribal People Try also

This Canadian Precision Striking guy is the only boxing guy on YouTube that’s ok. The other guys have slicker presentation but this guy is better


Here are some videos from channels I subscribe to. Presented without comment.

This is most likely a psyop but the photography is so goddamn good I don’t care. The food is appealing and there’s a frequently appearing very good dog too.

This guy, he’s into trains yeah?

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This is a good thread.


Still a sucker for these guys, and this is still my favorite. Like hearing these songs for the first time


Another extremely basic choice: Rick Beato

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Hey, pal, how ‘bout you make with the non-basic choices.

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I like watching the project farm guy test tape
adhesion and lubricant viscosity breakdown.

Well, then post a video. Christ.

Max Miller is great. And I enjoy watching this bonsai channel
Also love this guy
I also subscribe to the already mentioned art restoration and botany channels


This is my youtube homepage. I don’t know where cryptocurrency and science fiction came from but everything else is pretty much spot on.

How strong is the conceptual distinction in your mind between the algorithmic video recommendation feed on your yt homepage and the list of channels you subscribe to?

Not very strong, I guess. More than half of the videos displayed on the homepage are from channels I subscribe to so I took the easy way out and just posted a screenshot of the homepage.

I like Roger Barnes. He makes day trips around Brittany, France on a sailing dinghy. Comfy stuff.

I also really like the numberphile channel. They have great guests, interesting topics and a charming host.

This is me.

I also enjoy Max’s work. Interesting content and the recipes we’ve tried were actually great.

I rarely check my subscriptions these days. Soon my journey beyond the corporeal will be complete.

Back cracking vids are great insomnia watching