Where were you on Sept 11? How did you respond? Did you cry?

The 20th anniversary is Saturday.
Where were you? Were you stunned into silence? Did your inner Mechta come out? Did you cry like a bitch?

I was working at GMAC Mortgage. Our boss Carol Chapman told a few of us a plane had just crashed into the world trade center. I didn’t even know why she was telling us; I figured it was just a commuter plane and like 4 people would die. I don’t get out of bed unless it’s at least 10. But frfr I just didn’t know why she was making a big deal out of it. When plane two hit I thought maybe it was another Timothy Mcveigh because I’m not racist like all of you. It wasn’t until like 2pm that the local Waterloo company head let us all go home. If you recall, this all started going down at 8 in the morning. I was pretty pissed. Especially cause we also didnt have a decent working TV in our building. And internet was still a thing of the future.

Sept. 11 is what made me a news/politics junkie. Not on that day of course but for the next few weeks I had to have my 9/11 news fix. I had to know everything. It’s also when I started buying USA Today every morning. I didn’t cry until I found out about that guy who claimed to have lost every one of his staff members in the attack. Turns out later he may have been full of shit. But that story got me.
I also can tell you the EXACT moment I knew our country was in serious trouble. When John Ashcroft sang “Let the Eagle Soar”. I didn’t know shit about politics at the time but I was like “that’s weird. That’s gonna be a problem”. I didn’t know exactly why or exactly how I just knew something was off. Prior to that I’m not sure I could have told you the difference between a conservative and a liberal.
(Badger: "there isn’t one)

Anyway, the anniversary is coming up. I expect a lot of sanctimony and sacrilege. Biden sniffs the granddaughter of some deceased 9/11 firefighter, Trump sends out an wholly inappropriate memo. I’m in OWI class all weekend. I wonder if we’ll have a moment of silence before they start telling us what horrible people we all are.


Every few years I listen to this again. Stuttering John absolutely goes off on Muslims the whole time lol.

I was a couple weeks away from my 18th birthday and going off to college. My Mom woke me up to tell me that the planes had hit the towers and “they blew up the Pentagon”. I saw the towers collapse on TV; my parents thought I was full of shit, and that the dust cloud was the tower still standing, until the newsanchors confirmed it.

I remember a couple weeks later, during the swirling maelstrom of jingoism that followed, posting on a movie website (LOL, remember those?) about how I thought people really needed to try to start moving on, at least on some level. Perhaps I articulated my point poorly given my age at the time, but so what? Did my feelings not matter?

I was summarily banned from the message board. It may have been my first ever banning. What I’m trying to say is that 9/11 made me the message board poster I am today.


Spyder was 7 years old.

He still is, mentally.



I was stocking frozen chicken at Costco and this very weird pussyhound guy remarked that he was positive the attack was carried out by the Earth Liberation Front because we had not walked to the break room to see the footage yet. In our walkin freezer of innocence, we assumed a little cesna had flown into the tower. I cashed in an attaboy coupon for a free polish dog and chicken bake on my way out the door as the second plane smashed in.

It was my first semester at college. I had just gotten back to the dorm from lecture and my roommate (a complete asshole who flunked out after the first semester) had his alarm go off and I remember hearing the radio announcer say “Guliani says he has thousands dead” and my roommate woke up and said “Dude, turn on the TV”.

I did not cry, I don’t remember feeling anything other than the same momentary anger and bloodlust that most people I knew expressed.

I remember after that a lot of guys in the dorm started taping pictures of Osama internet memes to their doors that, in retrospect, were probably very racist.

I was in the sixth grade. My grandma called my mom at like 5 or 6 our time because she lived in Missouri and was already up when the news broke. My mom woke me up earlier than I normally would’ve and we watched the live coverage on TV. Went to school and was there for maybe an hour, at which point our teacher tried to explain what happened to the class, then we went home. I was 12 years old. I knew it was a huge deal but I was probably too young to fully grasp what was going on.

I think I’ve posted this before, but I was in-between universities and working at a shitty corporate record store, the staff room of which was underneath a multi-storey car park, which meant that we got practically no TV reception in there despite having a set hooked up.

Anyway, I walked past on my afternoon break and a colleague was watching some TV coverage of it through the static. He turned to me and said “They think it’s been masterminded by Benjamin Netanyahu.”


I watched that shit go down live. Someone find my previous post about it. Or don’t. The important thing is, never forget. About my post i did.


I forgot to say Euros can’t post in here.

Come back when you’ve had 400 years of questionable foreign policy biting you in the arse on the home front. Fuckin’ noobs.


I’m currently reading The Guns of August right now. Funny stuff to see Churchill get told to stand in the corner and have a wank.

The Australian perspective is important.

There’s a split - because it happened around 10PM there’s the people like myself who were watching TV at the time. In an ad break for Talking Footythey said that a plane had hit the world trade center, then discussions of the 2001 finals series continued.

By the time Talking Footy finished and the news bulletin started the second plane had hit, I stayed up watching till 2 or 3 as it all went down.

Most people though only found out when they turned on the radio or TV the next morning.

Brisbane went on to win the first of three consecutive premierships.

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