What are you thinking

Jesus Christ. Shut the fuck up.

Nice work, Eugene.

This forum seems specifically designed for the one forumite who couldn’t post links and images on a phbb for years.

Does that mean it’s un-Bortable?

Eugene, if frmfrm is the new FRM, could you change the colour scheme to something more harmonious?

I told you, man. They’re too big, and it’s starting to affect your rep.

Have you tried setting it to the dark theme in your display options?

I didn’t know that was possible. I don’t like to frmfrm in the dark, but the light theme is much more agreeable than Hibiscus. Would be cool if the main real estate was less stark, though. Like a light grey instead of white.

I’m somewhat busy these next few days but feel free to make a poll or something to reach consensus on which theme should be officially supported.

  • Dark Theme
  • Light Theme
  • Hibiscus (Gay)

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Can we call this forum because that’s what this shit looks like


The light theme is okay for mobile, but it suuuuucks on desktop. So dark theme it is.

How do I upload an avatar? It doesn’t seem to work for me. The new format has turned me into a real Chester.

Never mind.

This is a bit on me. I didn’t mean decide at the category level. I meant decide on a specific light and dark theme that will be supported. You can preview a large number of themes from here:

Take a look through that and let me know which ones you guys like. I’ve only made a small number of themes selectable by individual users for this forum so you should check that thread. I know this is an annoying amount of work and I predict we won’t reach a particular theme consensus so after some time I would be forced to just pick and light and dark theme and that will be that.

something like this

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I’ve installed both of those and enabled them for users, in addition to enabling a bunch of other themes. Try them out and tell me which ones (light and dark) you slobs like.

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thank you eugene. you are a good admin.

Man, this forum has a ton of functionality. You can basically create a custom view layer of threads you want to see by bookmarking individual posts and then invoking bookmark view by pressing “g b” and then toggling between that and home by hitting “g h”. Here’s a chart with other keybindings:

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those are heinous. why do you want it to look like 2011 here