What are you thinking

It would seem fitting if Felicia Day was the first minor celebrity to be killed in a mass shooting.

Sir, we’re gonna need you to calm down.

It would seem fitting if Felicia Day was the first minor celebrity to be killed in a mass shooting.

What? Why?

im thinking, hey when’s all this freaking pain gonna end, is what im thinkng

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I will never stop drinking. Fuck everyone.

My absolute spazz PhD student is giving her 1st year presentation tomorrow, and she does not understand anything. I will have to answer every question to save her.

The most asinine and innocuous minor celeb in history just getting blown away by a Cobra (1986) style killer at a whole foods is a very funny image, and fuck you if you don’t get it.

Before any fag accuses me of being sexist, last year I had two undergraduate students: the girl won best senior year research project, and the guy had to repeat his senior year.

Good thing that was cleared up.

maybe he should stop drinking

Nah, the drinking is not the origin. The frm plane crashed, and the confused survivors found themselves on a deserted island. It is desolate yet bewildering in all its postless feature-splendor. And searching for fellow survivors, scrolling a thousand yards, one still finds oneself confronted with a horghless horror vacui - the cozy memories, redolent of Ziggy posts, so remote. Soon the paranoia kicks in, all the worst poster instincts come to the fore, as you swear you saw Alan lurking in the undergrowth. It does things to a posters brain, this empty hibiscus jungle. Like Patrick, who fearing that his bitchmadeness shines through in the harsh light of this postless desolation, doubles down on his meathead posturing. Or like DBCooper who takes to the sauce and triples the frequency at which he mentions his PhD like an autistic boy hugging and rocking himself to sleep. It will take bloodshed, violence and barbarity until a new civilization can take root in this emptiness, nurtured on the corpses of sacrificial posters. It needs a high priest to begin the rituals, to shape the new order. But will Sax do it once more?

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I’m going to post garbage to take up space and create content. Benis benis bepis bepis

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Anyone ever check out some sweet Fibro memes?

This board is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS.

Patrick, no one here cares about fibromyalgia.

Edit: never mind, figured it out.

I’m browsing discourse on my desktop because at work. The A.V.'s are huge. I wonder if I can change that in my preferences.

What’s best mobile discourse experience? Browser? Is there an app?

There are multiple lurkers and posters here pursuing a diagnosis.

I made them bigger to match the old forum!