What are you thinking, food edition

I am a very classy man, drinking Pellegrino as I dip my frozen chicken nuggets in honey like a third grader.


I can’t remember if we ever had it out about this on the older frms, but let’s do it now. I’ve come around to this, get a good crust on a thick pork steak with a pink center. Your thoughts?

I’ll go medium 150-160F interior on good pork chops from a local farm and butcher, but don’t really care for the texture much lower.

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Ground some coriander in the coffee machine for the mujadara last night. A hint of it in the french press this morning. Enter the Flavormatrix.

This is too high for pork.

Where is it?

Ziggy will not tell you. :notes:

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His heuristic is to follow himself… nice


That is a metric that leads the to the same boring steak house in every city. Lobster Mac n Cheese, Brussels Sprouts with molasses and bacon, and “aged” cuts. Neato.

Taleb has the obstinate idiocy of a 2012 era frmite


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Well now I really want a bouble stack.

Made a boule but I think the crust was a bit too thin? Seemed like it had enough oven spring but the crumb structure was a bit dense. I don’t know.


hell yea

Cut it open, pour it out. Let’s see if there’s things inside that scream and shout.