What are you listening to?

Let’s get this party started right:



@Eugene Do you like the Japanese “City Pop” genre?

My god and by god, this rules hard ass.


:alien: :smoking: :dash:

This is a serious contender for album of the year. Nick, you should absolutely check this out because I think it ticks all of your boxes.

A lot, or most, heavy metal albums sound like garbage on good equipment. Slayer’s South of Heaven is both heavy and crisp as fuck. Comes through the Sennheisser HD 650 test with aplomb.

I don’t know about album of the year contender but I enjoyed it.

Side 2 of Tattoo You is so good.


:andre such a good song

Anyways, here’s something nice and dirteh

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Isn’t that the first Rick Rubin produced album?

Nah, Reign in Blood in blood was produced by him too.

It gets a bit too smooth and poppy for me but I won’t say anything bad about it.

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