What are we thinking about football?

I’ll level with you – I’m holding out on posting here until Eugene makes me a moderator.

I was going to do that but category level moderators aren’t a feature of this forum. You can sort of fake it but it’s a bit shitty so I’m holding off for now.

Pity. But thank you for the update.

Also, @Andrew, the point of multiple threads was so we didn’t have to read about Serie A or Arsenal getting knocked out of the Europa League if we didn’t want to. And also for the optics – how are we supposed to attract new posters, maybe one who will still admit to being a Man Utd fan, if we don’t appear bigger than we actually are? I thought you were a journalist. Someone upload the disappoint custom emoji.

I got disappointment for you right here, buddy.

Nice try, asshole! I’ve been watching Spurs all season!

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Fuck me, this looks like something from the heyday of practical special effects.

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That’s got to have been a tough name to grow up with.

Great, more Irish name-hate.

I’ve long maintained that it’s every parent’s duty to try to figure out what playground taunts their names of choice could be turned into by their children’s future classmates.

At least they didn’t name him Richard.

Watching Liverpool vs Everton in the FA Cup. Exy’s going to have a trainspotter’s orgasm when he sees how many obscure squad players are getting a run-out.

He could have gone with the unwieldy irish version of Liam Mac an Cnámh Beag instead.

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dat goal tho :salivatinghomer:

Remember this guy’s name, it’ll probably be a quiz question one day.

Losing to the Liverpool kids’ team. They’ll need a while to live that down.

“There are two great teams in Liverpool, Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves”. Given that Liverpool’s first team smashed them less than a month ago, I suppose this result makes a lot of sense. Also Everton are a weird team given to total collapse. I’ve only seen them play Villa this season and they were utterly toothless then as well.

Didn’t the Liverpool reserves get an almighty hammering from Aston Villa a couple of weeks back?


Everton has three good chances in the opening 30 minutes and hit them all straight at Adrian. In the second half they just looked scared they were going to lose… then did.

Well yes but I think that was basically Liverpool’s academy - no-one of the standard of Origi played. Villa fielded a weakened team too but not to the same extent. I missed the game but here’s some highlights: