War Birds

The most badass fighter of WWII I will NOT be taking DMs.



As good a place as any. This is cool as fuck.

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Not only was the B58 the sexiest aircraft humans ever built, its ejection system was also tested using a live bear strapped into the seat. You can’t put a price on that.



Beyond the Bearbike

You seriously consider this thing sexier than, say, Valkyrie or Lancer? With all those ugly engine pods and that oversized drop tank?

The drop tank was half fuel and half thermonuclear weapon.

The Valkyrie was sexy, but it never went operational.

I know this isn’t really what this thread is for, but it’s a solid horgh:


The development of that plane was a complete fuck from start to finish.

We should get the aerospace industry to build ventilators.

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I can see it now… Boeing’s one will have a special feature that repeatedly sucks all the oxygen out of a patient’s lungs, and then when you flip the switch for it to stop doing it, it will start doing it again until the patient dies. Patrick will claim it’s the poorly trained medical staff who are at fault until no-one in the world wants to use it and the FDA tells them to take it back and fix it.


And Lockheed will make square filter cartridges for round housings.

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But on the other hand their ventilator will be invisible.

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