Visual Aggression [Live Shows/Videos]

Saturday motherfuckers!

The future of live music, baby.

I will be watching the fuck out of that and will probably buy the shirt.


If they were touring, I’d go see them with my wife at a cost of probably 50 bucks each with transport factored in. So watching a free show and buying a shirt to support old Swedish metal dudes is the path of righteousness.

1992 Kam Lee fronting Massacre wearing sweat pants is Badger’s spirit animal.

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This Power Trip show has pretty darn good sound and is fun.


:jimmy: :jimmy: :jimmy:

Some technical issues with the stream but overall a good time was had in quarantine/Blashrkh.

This is worth watching just to see Frank with long hair. He sounds great too.


If all goes well then they’re touring with Frank here in August. It’ll be good to see him one last time. Ricky does a good job but it ain’t the same.

I just assumed he was a mike-cupper in the early days. Evidently not.

Why are those cunts in the foreground not moving? It was 1991, all our necks were supple back then.

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I like that Frank wears a jumper to gigs and has such a whiny nasal Noo Yawk accent, and that Terrence still has the same outfit from the EotF photo shoot. They were such delightful dorks.

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I’m not sure mic cupping was necessarily even a thing back then. No one else sounded like this in 91 that I know of.

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Panopticon have a live album coming out. Recording quality sounds pretty great.

Big dick energy.

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We watched this last Friday. It was recorded for one of those online streamed concert things and it really is fantastic,

In fact I’m gonna go and listen to a bunch of Enslaved albums right now.