Vinyl Sluts

@Jimmy approached me with the idea of a show-offy vinyl nerd posting shrine, but being a useless tart, he didn’t follow through, so I figure I may as well get the ball rolling with today’s long awaited arrival in the post: Midnight Odyssey’s Biolume II: The Golden Orb - 3 orange/red spattered LPs and a longie for good measure. Limited edition of 200 copies.


Sweet longsleeve!

Thank you, though I am wary of turning this into a boxes and boxes part 2 thread. Gaze upon the splatter and swoon!

Oh I love the vinyl too, I just don’t collect it. But as a completely impractical metal obsession and money drain, I totally get it. Vintage longsleeves are not much different.

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Speaking of impractical, introducing my three copies of Destroyer 666’s Unchain the Wolves:

Blue edition (ltd 350) - median discogs price 236AUD
White edition (ltd 500) - med. 160AUD
Picture disc (ltd 500) - med. 111AUD

Thought they were worth a bit more actually, and I guess they are if you look at the highest sold price or current asking price, but let’s keep it honest here, folxxx.

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My one-man paean to venture capitalism continues.

I can’t remember exactly how the opportunity to acquire Weakling - Dead as Dreams at its catalogue price arose - I think it was direct from Tumult but long after the vinyl had officially sold out. Probably just my charm again.

Anyway, I knew this would be my first investment property - album/band with a major cult following, ridiculous tales of a sequel that had been buried somewhere like pirate treasure, etc etc.

Despite all this, I shunned the nerdlike impulse to keep it in its original wrapping. I’ve played it dozens of times and shipped it internationally twice (might have gone OTT with the bubble wrap though). Median discogs price is 715AUD but it often goes for over a grand. Virgin cries for a repress have fallen on chad deaf ears.



I like it. Moar!