€uropean $uper £eague

Fucking Jim and Eugene won’t reply to my messages so here’s a new thread for this.

Klopp’s at least pointing out the hypocrisy:

“If you tell me about the clubs that it’s about money, what do you think it is about for Uefa? Fifa wants a Club World Cup, whenever that should be, it’s about money and nothing else. All these things happen, it’s not only the clubs. Some things have to change and some things will change.


Earlier Uefa confirmed it would plough on with a revamped 36-club Champions League from 2024 whether or not the European Super League is established.

Enjoy watching Bayern vs PSG in the final forever, I guess.

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the first guy is “nooo my west nonceshire pedos”
the second guy is “hahaha it’s soccer nfl”


I cannot bear any more of these Sky Sports cunts clutching their pearls about this shit. £90/month!

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Sky Sports? More like SkySIS… Sports


Fuck my entire ass.

Just get a VPN and Peacock.

Or, of course,

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I think the extra teams qualifying based on domestic performances is the real :eeey: - otherwise I honestly don’t see how this is that different to the Premier League pulling the ladder up after itself, big teams in other countries agreeing their own TV rights deals, etc. It’s not like any big clubs are going to get relegated anyway, unless they bribe the refs (and get found out).

I mean, it might be closer to £60/month if you take the minimum package, but they can still fuck right off.

Klopp looks distraught. I can’t see him staying.

Comes to something when him taking the Bayern job would be viewed as him selling out less.

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I want this to happen so they have to promote nine teams from the Championship next season.

Also, Leeds trolling them with Champions League t-shirts saying “earn it” is :eeey:

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:horgh: :scruffy: Apparently they left some in Liverpool’s dressing room, too. :eeey: :eeey:

Unless they actually expel the Big Four (and the North London Two), they’re not leaving the league.

The whole thing is kind of beautiful because it really does expose what the haves and have-nots have become. I mean, the Premier League and FA could grow some balls (won’t happen) and slaughter six of their cash cows, but then what? If the ESL goes tits up then they can’t bring them back without fucking over a raft of smaller clubs, which normally they wouldn’t think twice about but in this case it would be incredibly difficult to worm their way out of.

Meanwhile, UEFA’s response to people tuning out of the Champions League because it’s become bloated and boring is to increase the number of teams participating. It won’t work because the fans don’t give a fuck about these extra games, and yet UEFA are forced to pursue it because scaling is the only way they can think of to wring more money out of what should be a knockout competition. See also, the Euros and FIFA’s World Cup.

That’s for the fancy set top box plus broadband packages. If you have a Smart TV or a Firestick it’s £34 p/m max for Sky Sports. Currently £20 for 3 months.

Yeah, but if you’re a real Mod£rn Football fan you’re also forking out for BT Sport, too, which is a minimum extra £25/month on top of that. Probably more if you subscribe to BT through Sky, I imagine. They’re all to blame.

When did that offer start? Does it include the two months over the summer where there’ll be trying to distract us from the Euros by broadcasting some former pros playing 5-a-side in a sports centre?

They often have a deal like that at the fag end of the season.

Yeah, so you’re really paying £20 for six weeks’ and the darts.