Don’t think so. To all intents and purposes they’re black but I’ve never denied there’s a faint wisp of blue. Like an ocean at night or the refected glow of a telly playing Ceefax to a drunk in a darkened room.



The pre-91 looks black to me:

One of us?

A man with access to the unsurprisingly detailed Wikipedia page on British passport colors?

I preferred to hope you had an angar old British relative tucked away somewhere. :sadandre:

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His name is Joey Barton


Hell yeah, braggart luggage tags. For when you want to force the person behind you in line to look at your Instagram, but they look like they don’t speak English.


:horgh: at early-COVID planning. This trip was planned for April 2020, and here in March we thought it was still on the table.
Well if we can’t make Rome in April, we’ll definitely be able to go to the Alps in August, we said. In hindsight I guess we could have done the latter.

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So when we were in San Sebastian last month, I guess I got a speeding ticket. Because I’m still using my US drivers license, the ticket was mailed to my parents’ house in Virginia.

I don’t have to pay that, right? The rental car industry doesn’t have the equivalent of a global no-fly list, right?

I’m surprised the rental car company didn’t just charge your card.

The rental car companies shouldn’t be a problem in future. There may be an issue in Spain with the authorities, if you go back. I doubt Spain are that organised, but Switzerland fucks you if you return having left a speeding ticket unpaid. That’s second hand information from a colleague who got stung a while back.

I am also surprised they didn’t just charge the card.

I wonder where Spain falls on the Having Your Shit Together scale, closer to Somalia or Switzerland? Guuuuh I’ll probably just pay it.

It’s no Switzerland, that’s for sure. Been trying to get a tax clearance certificate (i.e. a piece of paper with like 3 stamps on it) for a client through our Spain office for the last two months. The recurring excuse is ‘the person in the tax office handling it is on holiday’.

I think it is region dependant for a lot of things… not sure on speeding tickets.

With local police, and effectively federal police, and not even being sure if police handle the speeding tickets. It’s likely very complicated.

The Basque region stuck me as being one of the more organised of the Spanish (not spanish) regions, but what the fuck do I know.

how do we have this thread about travellers but we still can’t get the roma one going