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Sorry for the delay, I was in beach mode myself.

It depends what you want. The majority of Brits arrive at Larnaka, then immediately make the half-hour trip to Protaras and Ayia Napa for drugs, cheap sex and nightclubs (and some admittedly very good beaches). Paphos is a more upmarket and family- and retiree-orientated destination, much quieter with better restaurants and 5-star hotels and some quite incredible nature and scenery. Larnaka itself is an airport with a somewhat boring seaside town attached. Not much to see or do there, to be honest, but the beaches are fairly good and the main seaside promenade is entertaining enough for a night or two. It does tend to be cheaper than Paphos and far cheaper than Limassol.

Paphos is definitely a better overall destination, as while the town of Paphos itself is smaller, the entire area is very much more worth exploring, especially if you brave the crazy drivers up to Polis and the Akamas national park. Also we drive on the correct side of the road so for UK types it’s easier to get around. There are some organised day trips to various canyons and mountains as well as some historical sites of note (definitely visit the ruins of the Kourion settlement which is about halfway to Limassol as well as a Roman amphitheatre which is still in regular use).

It can still get a bit chilly in April and the water is still cold, especially at the start of the month, but the last week or so is usually okay. I’d definitely recommend going in mid-to-late May - I tell all my UK friends to avoid the second half of June to the end of August and instead come middle of May to mid-June or all of September and the first half of October. My last swim in 2019 was in mid-November and it was still pleasantly warm.

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Truly the classiest of the European-adjacent peoples.

No slut-shaming pls.

:scruffy: Not our fault that sex is either excessively taxed or state-owned in Finland.

Nice try, asshole, they advertise sex toys on the radio.



It’s a bucket o’ dicks bonanza.


Butt-plugs made of birch bark, floating in a bucket of Koskenkorva.

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Paphos it is.

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FRM meetup with Miguel is in order.

Cool, if you need any pointers on hotels/restaurants/scenic spots let me know.


Miguel, what did you idiots do?

They let the Britiots in.

Milbo will straighten them out.

:scruffy: Has blue passport, will travel.

The blue passports make it all worthwhile.

He is insistent they were black in the past, no?