To Live & Die In LA (LA Specific Thread)

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That would be very on brand for 2020.

Marius got out just in time!

Did Marius leave LA for good? Or temporarily because he was terrified of Covid?

These folks seem to have self owned their business inside 24 hours.

This isn’t Pacoima!


LA is gonna keep schools closed for remote learning.

So let me guess, I have to watch The Big Lebowski to understand this thread?

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Nah, just for…a time. It was more due to extreme isolation, anxiety and depression than fear of roni (I’m too isolated to get it in the first place)…

Which reminds me: I left my beloved cat with a friend. How much should I be paying this friend per week? She works from home, barely leaves the house, and has another cat (which she’ll keep separated on another floor on a rotating basis). She’ll be feeding and medicating my pussy twice daily, scooping shit, etc? Is $100 a week about right!??

If you don’t pony up the cash, she’s going to spill water on your pussy and feed it after midnight.

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Hundred a week seems high. Tell her to do it for free and be happy you don’t uh ask her to you know um

Lost steam at the end there.

$70, tops. $10/day is enough.

You abandoned your cat? Worse than Doody.


Only the hardest of hearts would abandon a pet.

He didn’t abandon her! He left her with a friend to take care of on a temporary, paid basis. He’s not a monster!

Right, Marius? You fully intend to take her back home, correct?

He cast it aside like it was an empty egg McMuffin wrapper.


Marius is a fiend.

Of course - I would’ve brought her but I’ve heard some cats get traumatized by air travel. I miss her and hope to see her soon. She’s in good hands. With AllState.

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How were you so isolated? Explain. Are you employed, sir?