Things that make you sad!

Neil Peart died!!


:horgh: :sadandre:



rush is terrible

Alex, please. A man is dead.

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I hate Prog Rock.

Rush sucks. The Trees is the most embarrassing song I’ve ever heard. Roll the Bones might be the second most embarrassing, with Geddy’s rapping. Neil also liked to quote Ayn Rand.

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:horgh2: :horgh:
:horgh: :horgh2:

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Late 70s/early 80s Rush is fantastic…musically. The singing and lyrics are terrible. You can’t fuck with this:



The only fitting tribute.

Ziggy not posting and not responding to PMs . Hope he’s ok.

He’s on Twitter all day. Just liked a tweet 2 minutes ago.

Twitter’s not important. This is the only place that matters.

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What about getting Christian back? That would truly be a coup befitting this new forum.

Someone send him a DM.