The Television Thread

I reactivated my Netflix subscription so I could watch the Irishman. What are some other good shows?

Is The Crown good? How about Narcos? Are there any shows running on HBO right now that are worth watching? I know the consensus on Peaky Blinders.

Start watching Succession immediately.

I think the best thing on HBO is still Chernobyl.

Narcos is great.

@fat_badger I am watching Il Cacciatore with my flatmate (she is Italian). It’s the actor who played Libanese in Romanzo Criminale playing a cop who wrote a book about hunting (get it?) mafioso in Parlermo in the 90s. They lean into the hunting metaphors hard and there are flashbacks galore, but I think you’d enjoy it.

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Never saw The Americans get any mentions on the old forum, it was a great show.

It fucking sucked.


I’m there baby. Good looking out!

I also liked The Americans.

Gomorrah (watch this over Suburra)
Narcos: Mexico
The Mandalorian

@Greg Mindhunter is the best netflix original I reckon

I like the part where he hunts minds.

I watched Season 4 of The Expanse. It was bad, basically, but somehow pleasant. I don’t know how many more years I can continue living.


The Righteous Gemstones is incredible.


This guy gets it

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Mindhunters is not good.

You can’t leave us until you get current on Vikings and write a 2,500 word synopsis.

Wait, that’s a death stranding thing not a expanse protomolecule thing. I fucked that up.


Best thing on TV.

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