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shady as fuck. I think we already have a tech thread tho

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nm: the tweet I posted was literally the first one in the thread


American Decay.

But, on the other hand, the plane is invisible.

It’s going to be all about air-to-air capable drones in a few years anyway. The only thing that’s invisible on the F-35 is the list of non-taxpayer-gouging reasons why we (Norway/Denmark/The Netherlands/Belgium) didn’t just order new F-16s instead to keep the fighter jocks happy for another decade or so before the very concept of manned combat aircraft is completely and irrevocably obsolete.

We could have supported our Swedish brothers by getting the Saab Gripen (even though that has had scandals of its own).

This is a great idea. If I lived in a residential area I’d do this to keep Waze etc from telling people to commute through my neighborhood.

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This is so stupid. I love it.

“Who’s that?” “Oh, it’s just Jim and his handcart of 99 smartphones.”

I’m his adderall dealer

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None of you will watch that jim kellor interview and that’s a shame because it’s great.


I watched 45 min and enjoyed Jim but the interviewer was smarmy and detracted from the quality.

The prodigal tech bro doesn’t want structural change. He is reassurance, not revolution. He’s invested in the status quo, if we can only restore the founders’ purity of intent. Sure, we got some things wrong, he says, but that’s because we were over-optimistic / moved too fast / have a growth mindset. Just put the engineers back in charge / refocus on the original mission / get marketing out of the c-suite. Government “needs to step up”, but just enough to level the playing field / tweak the incentives. Because the prodigal techbro is a moderate, centrist, regular guy. Dammit, he’s a Democrat . Those others who said years ago what he’s telling you right now? They’re troublemakers, disgruntled outsiders obsessed with scandal and grievance. He gets why you ignored them. Hey, he did, too. He knows you want to fix this stuff. But it’s complicated . It needs nuance . He knows you’ll listen to him. Dude, he’s just like you…