The National Football League

Is there anyone on the Titans under 230lbs? What a brutal stout team they are. That looked a lot like Denver hitting Seattle in 2013.

No kidding. Derrick Henry is a fucking monster. I don’t think anyone will be taking them lightly after they consecutively beat the pats and the ravens

What a comeback by the Chiefs. O’Brien should have been fired at the half for settling for that FG early on instead of going for it on 4th and a foot. Serious Mike McCarthy move.

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The fourth quarter of that Packers game was like watching Uncut Gems all over again.

Stacking normal ones on top of normal ones.

OK terribly sad and all but I laughed at “look at this little-ass cop”.

Hate Crime Jim is at it again.


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Daaaaaamn Daniel, back at it again with the white pants

who’s got a stream for us expats out here

Don’t you get the BBC in Ireland?

Not since Friday.


SF has seen enough sporting success for a decade or so.