The National Football League

Still funny. In fact, it’s even funnier this weekend:

Bad day for mental illness and smoking crack!

Tommy B baby!!! 30-3 record against the Bills. lol


Alex, please be kind after this imploded Seahawks shit show attempts to deploy an arthritic Marshawn Lynch as a solution this week.

I dunno man the 9ers are pretty banged up too, last 2 games have been pretty rough

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has charged Carl Rossi with the murder of Bethard’s brother.

Holy fuck, I can’t believe the niners stopped russ at the end there

That defensive PI review was a bit suspect and the play clock penalty on the 2yd line was frustrating but overall I think the team has a better shot playing Philly away than Minnesota at home.

Saints v 9ers in the NFC title game should be good.

For a minute I was upset about this as I want Washington to continue to suck, and Bruce Allen was very helpful in this regard, but then I remembered that Danny Boy will surely botch the replacement selection.

Why do you want them to continue to suck? Why not just cut the cord entirely?

I’ll fucking kill you.

I mean, I basically have. I’m back in the US for the holidays and it’s harder to not pay attention to football here. So, rooting against them helps.

Fuck the Redskins.

See, it’s fun!

Best defense in the league and Tom Brady just couldn’t stop the, checks notes… Tennessee Titans.

Brought to you by Blue Chew dot com.

I started watching football again this season after a hiatus of a few years, and it’s amazing that ESPN and Fox Sports even exist when random youtubers do better and longer game analysis and commentary. I know it’s boomers keeping these old media alive, but old people use social media on their phones more than kids do so I don’t get it.

This Ravens/Titans game is not going like I thought it would