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I watched the first episode of Doom Patrol (fuck off, Eugene). It’s difficult to not see the voiceover as a pure Deadpool rip-off. Also, is the guy who’s in charge of a team of mutants in a wheelchair for reasons other than lazy writing?

Okay… I’m not even a comics guy really, but:

Firstly, comics “ripping off” characters is what they do. Deadpool himself is a direct rip off of Deathstroke. Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson.

Wheelchair guy in Doom Patrol was first published the same year, but a few months before Professor X.


Doom Patrol ‘heavily inspired’ the X-Men.

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:inneresting: :cheers:

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No sweat. Glad you enjoyed the series; probably the best of its kind. Probably more difficult to get into than something like Netflix’ Daredevil, but they don’t really try for mass appeal. That, in turn, created one of the most emotionally honest, empathic and genuinely good shows about genderqueer streets and musclemen that can flex people into orgasm.

I bailed on Daredevil after season two, I think. The first one had novelty value and a good cast, but after they “paid homage” to the hallway fight scene in Oldboy two seasons in a row it became clear they’d run out of ideas pretty quickly. All the stuff with Punisher was pretty laboured, too.

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So, Doom Patrol, I watched the first episode too and I’m not sure about it. Should I go on?

Please do. I’d say, give it three episodes before making a decision about whether to bail or not.

Ok, I’m in. And what about that Preacher show?

I wouldn’t say it was good by any measure, but it was entertaining at the very least. If you’re looking for a 1-1 adaptation, then you’ll definitely want to give it a miss. Good performances from everyone, and a damn good pick for Cassidy, but they use the original comic as a rough guide rather than a map and not for the better. Some of the decisions are flat out baffling, and the shit they leave out doubly-so (Jesse is never told “You gotta be a good guy, son. Cause there’s too much of the bad”), no John Wayne hallucinations, no ‘communism sucks’ zippo…

I just wish I could recommend it. I know, it’s Garth Ennis and whatever, but Preacher and his run on Hellblazer are two comics that got me into the whole affair in the first place. So, I dunno. If you’re a real big fan, then you might want to check it out but that might just end up pissing you off so maybe don’t watch it?

The first episode is pretty meh, partly because of all the origin stuff they hack through and also because the plot is that the four leads take a bus ride into town for… reasons.

It picks up immediately from the second episode, which I watched last night and enjoyed much more. It’s definitely got a Preacher-ish, gonzo vibe in places, but I gave up on Preacher after the first season because nothing really happened.

That actor, Joe Gilgun, is in another series called Brassic that’s inspired by his life. It’s not capeshit but if you like him then you might enjoy it.

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Cool beans, guys, I’ll keep on watching then. And btw, Daredevil’s second season was fucking awesome.

It was not. Everything involving Electra sucked. Punisher was good, so they stuck him in a courtroom.


I watched the first season for the fights. The second season was an absolute chore to get through.

Really? I agree on the Elektra part, but the Punisher stuff was great! :gil:

First trailer for the Snyder cut. Strong decision with the Lex Luthor voice over, when Eisenberg’s performance in BvS was frequently cited as one of the worst things about said movie.

You’re gonna need to take one for the team and report back on this, Shay-shay.

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I was already planning on it :mistake:

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