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Blue Collar on blu-ray:

Tes! Cheers mang

If one was to buy a TV, what would one look for?

I’ve had Samsungs the past few years, and LGs have always done me good service before that. Because I’m a pleb and can’t tell my regular hi-def from my 4K, I’d let the smart TV apps be the deciding factor.

Specific features to avoid / get? Everything looks like crap in the stores.

Everything has Netflix and YouTube now. Are we in a no fucks given type situation?

OLED for proper blacks - unless you watch movies in a brightly lit room, which should be an offense punishable by death.

Frame rate? 4k? Refresh rate?

I think most OLED TVs are 4K nowadays, not that you’d be able to tell the difference at regular viewing distances. The other things don’t matter much, I’m pretty sure most TVs have been running at 120 hz for years.

Just get an LG C9.

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If money is irrelevant then a Panasonic GZ2000.

Too late. I got a Samsung RU7100.

Looks like it’s a 60Hz panel, so you’ll be watching movies with 3:2 telecine judder.


LCD? You have failed the forum and your Shaolin family.

Had you responded in a more timely fashion, this could all have been avoided.

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He did tell you to go OLED tho

Imma just gonna solicit buying advice from people in multiple time zones hours before I plan to ignore anything and everything they say anyways and just pick some random middling shit off the shelf. Then imma gonna come back here and act like other people are at fault for me being a weird autist with a shitty television. Po. Tate. Oh.

Thanks for chiming in. Truly a top-shelf post.

Anyway, it’s not a disaster. The Samsung is sufficient for my purposes.

Is this sarcasm?

I don’t even know anymore.