The Greatest Peninsula [Balkans]

So for no reason I stumbled into this treasure trove of Yugoslavian covers of western pop songs and they are so fucking good and I feel they should not be unjustly forgotten.

Take this, this is the horniest song not recorded by Marvin Gaye. Listen to her voice! It’s almost moist in an ASMR kind of way.


Ridiculous, right? No.

Listen to the harmonies, they will go inside your head and stay there.

The original is hell on wheels, but listen to this multi-tracked drug fueled nightmare, just wild animal shit. Imagine sitting to the back of a nicotine-seasoned Ljubljana nightclub, half cut and this comes on.


Nothing can touch the organ sound of the original, that fact is not in dispute here.

But the soaring vocals, and the beautifully smooth instrumentation on display here does not deserve to be buried beneath the sands of time. How great is the thought of this booming from the radio of a road worn car, on a sunny afternoon some time during the golden years of this timeline?

Look into your heart and you will know that I am right.

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new wave The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore is what I actually believe


This is my absolute Dream thread.


I’m assuming any quality Balkans is good and not just covers.

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I was having a pint in that punk area in Ljubljana that stinks of piss and that Iskre song was playing while this crazy dude tried to make us join his birthday celebrations, which up to that point consisted of just him.

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Anything Balkan goes, I just didn’t want to open with like, Goran Bregovic and essentially making a clone of the weird folk thread.

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some love for seaside Balkan

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:jimmy: @ Veja.

You absolutely need Amira Medunjanin - Live At Arena which came out last year.

It is uploaded in Eugene’s Annual Voyage Of Discovery in Conflict.

Becaus I am a dork, I occassionally e-mail the amazing Nina Romić who is kind enough to not block me and also recommends Balkan goodies from time to time.

She’s sung with this lot in the past and while she’s not on this one, she recorded her very first Ep with them.


This guy was Tom Waits before Tom Waits was a thing.

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This thread is looking expensive.

I present you punk-folk

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Ian Gillan can’t do this anymore.

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Get in.

Nina Romić is the Queen of the Balkans at the moment. Her band is so fucking badass. You really need to get on board with her.


I am now on board



She is also one third of this.