The Forest of the Gnomes - Epic metal

Traditional, epic and fantasy metal poasts. Dare I say power metal? Mike will kill me for tarnishing the legacy of The Church for this but I’m full of rum and possibly novel superviruses.

Hansi still fucking has it. 4:25 holy shit.


Let’s do this.

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This thread will be the death of Badger.

Let us ease his journey to Valhalla with the help of a little band called MANOWAR.

It’s just my opinion, but I think Manowar may be the most overrated band in metal.

For true ridiculousness, we need look to the south:


Yeah, Manowar is pretty standard stuff.

I do like a good bit of Rhapsody. I bet they wear frilly shirts and shit when they play live.

Though Dawn of Victory doesn’t capture their
ridiculousness quite as nicely as Holy Thunderforce.

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No frilly shirts, sadly. Dude has some fucking chops.

Fun fact: this parody of Rhapsody, which features Fabio, is better than every actual Rhapsody song.

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These guys are quite popular here. They’re regarded as kind of a less vaginal Nightwish. They play this song on the radio all the time.

This thread got me thinking about how the last time I was exposed to power metal it was when Dragonforce was the meme band, so I decided to go back and this is … WAY better than I remember it.

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And so it was that Badger began the descent into power metal fandom and was ruined.


I don’t not dislike this.

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When I heard that, the first thought to enter my mind was ‘Badger’.

Battle Badger.

If the vocals on this Battle Beast track were entirely in Russian, Badger would be all over this like stink on a monkey. True or very true?

This is the worst shit ever. And yet… :seenthingscat: