The Football Pantheon (dead legends)

  1. Fuck. :sadandre:
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Pele must be shitting it right now.



Pele. Brazilian lad. Good at ball.

No, this Paul Ross cat.

Poor fuckin guy, I thought we was starting a nice life in Thailand, away from the turmoils of the frm


He’s best known for the reviews on Amazon of this Paul Ross Box Canvas Print.

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Ah Italy. You’ll never change, will you?

:horgh: :sadandre:

They burgled Gandolfini’s corpse before it got cold. Love that memory.


No thunder then for John le Carré.

I’m changing the thread title seeing as 2020 probably isn’t done with its harvest yet. Not to mention 2021.

Adieu, legend :sadandre:



Even McNulty has been inspired to half-decent writing (ok, quarter)