The deaths of notable people and also Taco Bell thread

What’s the first thing he wants to hear when he arrives in hell?

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He had a good run and by all accounts a full life, save your Andres.

Another COVID-19 victim?

He was fucking ace in Flash Gordon. He did some other films too.

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Not starting this thread for Kobe seems pretty disrespectful, Andrew.

That’s certainly true.

I like sports and everything but james lipton > kobe

Spoken like a true Bay Area Laker hater. How many Oscars did James Lipton win? How many rings?

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Lipton won 6 championships.


How many young women did James Lipton rape?

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Dozens if you count all the women he pushed into sex work. /s

“Ingmar Bergman classics, Flash Gordon, and Game Of Thrones”

Man, I wish.

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:dogtilt: What? He wasn’t in those things?

also, an :sadandre: for Tyner. Imma go listen to Sahara.

I was just trying to make a joke about Bergman directing Flash Gordon and Game of Thrones.

Foiled by the Oxford comma once again.

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