The Coronavirus Thread (Part 1)

They are. This guy is out though:




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That’s me when I get caught by my wife listening to music that Badger has PMed me.



A couple of things that I find immediately interesting are:

  1. the massive disparity between men and women in terms of these clots (could be the contraceptive pill, could be other factors).

  2. Why these cases don’t seem to have been observed or reported in the UK. I look forward to learning that eating mushy peas or listening to Danni Minogue reduce the risk of cerebral thromboembolism.


Milbarge has a lot to answer for.


My girlfriend has been offered the AZ vaccine (she gets it as a healthcare professional), first dose is on Friday. Good times.


It works fine on Brits. I’d suggest she watches as many episodes of Only Fools and Horses as she can between now and V-Day, to counteract any possible side effects associated with being a continental type.


Apparently it’s a hormone thing about the clots from what I’m hearing from medical professionals currently in the vaccination field.

I talked to my mom who’s a former emergency room nurse. She says she’s worked three of that kind of clot in her whole career and two of them died. Appearantly you get hundreds of clots all over your body, including your brain, while the rest of your blood loses it’s clotting ability and leaves your body in a manner similar to ebola patients. So they give you more blood while simultaneously fighting clotting in a balancing act, while keeping your body temp at minimum to prevent as much brain damage as possible.

According to my mom it’s normally younger people who get hit with it, before the AZ vaccine was a thing, but the sudden surge in cases of this specific type of clot in specific geograohic locations is pretty worrying consider how terrible it is to get a clot like that. She thinks it’s probably a batch issue considering that it all seems to be happening in Norway and Austria or something. She also used to work in pharma, but for Pfizer, so no loyalty to AZ.


I assumed that they had resolved the batch issue. Somehow I’m sure that the vaccine being manufactured in Belgium is to blame.

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All the cases seem to be in the EU, so yeah.

Merkel’s doing a deal to get a load of Sputnik V in from Russia.



(p.s. Milbarge the deal is still on, if my old folks keel over from your AztraZeneca hotshot you’ll get 10% of the inheritance)




Sure, the Euro AZ vaccine turns your blood into concrete, but it has great head, a gorgeous bouquet of phenolic banana and clove, and the kind of balance between carbonation and mouthfeel that only artisanal Trappist pharma can provide.


Much like the empire, it had to end at some point.

Pray for Ant1

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