The Cheese Thread


I like to eat the rinds.


I love eating rock hard parmesan rind. It’s good in cooking as well. Lotsa umami.


cheese good

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The funkier the better. I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten a cheese that I felt was too strong, but I’ve had hundreds that didn’t have enough taste, sharpness, funk.

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Germany has some good cheese, but overall is a land of rubbery mediocrity. 500 versions of the same rubber. Northern Spain was a great location for powerful cheeses.

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There are a few okay Finnish cheeses, but mostly you can forget it, Jarkko, it’s karjalanpiirakkatown. :sadandre:


you guys like havarti?

I haven’t had it in years. It never really rocked my world.

It’s typically kind of bland but has a great mouthfeel and is versatile.

cheese doesn’t have to be funky or sharp to be good. Feel like you guys have retarded tastebuds.

Eh, I guess I just got a tongue full of Bam Margera tastebuds over here.

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You don’t know me and you don’t know my style. My favourite milder cheeses would be buffalo mozzarella, comte, ricotta, halloumi (although that’s admittedly quite salty) and Spanish semi-curado cheese.

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yeah but have you tried havarti?

or gouda?

Gouda is excellent, but I’ll admit that aged Dutch gouda is my favourite type, and that’s not a mild cheese. I had some that was 2 years old or so and had turned into a salty cheese rock. I like mild, young gouda fine as well as long as it’s not tasteless.

tastelessness is its own taste

Galaxy brain cheeseposting.

The food of champions.

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