The Brown Danube [Central Europa]

So, I’m stealing the title from an older thread of mine, because it’s too good not to reuse. I’m slowly, slowly arriving at the point that some type of benevolent Habsburgian arrangement (i.e the EU?) might be the most beneficial arrangement for Europe long term. Err, might be time to put away the booze for the evening. Anyway, let’s have a thread about Central Europe and the glory of the empire. You know you want it.

Narrator: In fact, they did not want it.

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Time will vindicate me as Evropa turns towards the throne and the altar once more

Piano concertos but with toilet D-beat


The Brown Danube


Yes! Baby you love to see it. I mean, this is going to end in some modax shit I can just feel it.

However, in a period of intense strife (ethnic and otherwise) the Kaiser (GE) managed to keep the realm open and welcoming, a pluralistic and liberal vision of the future that swathes of europe are still trying to get back to. Now, being ruled by nobility kinda sucks, but at least you know where he lived and what was what. I’d argue this is preferable to the current situation where Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg claim my wifes behymen under droit du seigneur and then point to the EULA to justify it. A lord must be responsible towards his charges.


Patrician benevolence is the natural redistribution of resources in Europe! You can call it social democracy or the largesse of the landed gentry, ultimately the act and the underlying intent is the same.

The harbourian analogy about the tides does not reflect the nature of life over here, I don’t think.

Wokeism has destroyed Badger’s brain.


"I do not trust God or politics or newspapers or music or art. I do not trust smiles or clothes or buildings or scenery or smells.” He reached for the light switches and flicked off the fluorescents one by one, until the store was illuminated only by the reflection of late sunlight through the doorway, and the two of them were faded, almost motionless after-images of what they had been in the recent glare, less real than the metal instruments and the jewelry all around.

“I do not trust names. I do not trust expressions or colors or the feel of texture.” Outside, the early-evening traffic sounds crowded the last bits of silence into the store, where it surrounded them and left them like undiscovered islands in their private dusk. “But, most of all, I do not trust people and their talk, for they have created hell with that talk, for they have proved they do not deserve to exist for what they are.”

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All hail the royalist reaction!

All hail the Roman-Catholic Ecclesiarchy!

Austrian Tradkath-folk

The thread where Badger fully loses it.

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His downfall will be the nu metal thread, mark my words.

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Doing the downfall meme in the nu metal thread

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Badger: The metal subform is looking good. All of the key genres are well represented and people seem to have a distrust of tech death, this is good,

Andrew: I regret to inform you that Chester has started discussing Slipknot, and Gorilla Overlord may have mentioned Coal Chamber.


:horgh: Time to unmute that dirty bastard (the subfrm, not Chester).