The black metal thread - where everyone just ends up talking about Cradle of Filth to upset GreatEx

If we’re gonna have an OSDM thread, we need a BM thread. Let’s kick things off one of the great, underappreciated classics of the genre.

This album is so good. The fuckin’ 90s, man. What a time to be alive.


Oh absolutely, that album is way underappreciated. Likewise, Abruptum usually get written off as a joke band (with some justification), but they did write one fucking incredible song.

The 90’s for extreme metal was what the 80’s were to punk. A golden age.


For real. There are very few metal albums produced after 2000 that hit me in the feels.

I’ve always thought of Abruptum, and that song in particular, as like the soundtrack to a really weird Jean Claude van Damme movie or something.


I swear to fuck this is the Matrix thing that I keep harping on. All the focus on MACHINE IMAGERY and shit lead to many things, and beside the loss of any residual groove in the music it also stripped away the ecstactic feeling present in so much of early BM. Which in hindsight is a tragedy, because that’s what made people come back to it again and again.

Whoa, Cradle apparently remastered Cruelty.

I think I prefer the original. The drums sound too modern, the keyboards are completely washed out and the mix never really gels. It’s as if they just kind of gave up halfway through. Cf:

10/10 for timeliness and topical-ness.

I’ll stop there.



They get an A for initiative, but that’s terrible.

also the band name is legible even to me so that’s them fucked right there

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Spot on.


Fuck yeah. Only recently listened to that and it rules.

I kind of prefer the Passage. It’s a bit more polished and the songs a bit more memorable. To wit:

Rik has been raiding my record collection again :cheers:

Looking forward to hearing the debut demo tapes from black metal band Covid-666, grindcore band Covid-69, and folk/black metal solo project Covid-14:88.

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Even though no one agrees with me, I will continue making the point that this is one of the absolute best Norwegian 90’s black metal albums.

Full album is up. Listening now. This is very, very good.

You know, my plan was to listen to this and then mock your choices in music and life generally, but this is pretty damn good. Much better than whatever other DHG I’ve heard. Fantastic bass lines.

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