The Barry Thread of Billy Joel

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I was JUST going to post that song, which I enjoy without apology.


I love how he rises up from the piano with big crazy Billy Joel eyes. I also likes how he yells “STOP!!” and the whole song stops for a beat.

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Is this a strictly 80’s Billy Joel thread?

I don’t think so!



not really into Billy Joel.

I came to post the exact same thing then realized nobody would care.
Also I don’t know much about Billy Joel except for that song in The Boys season 2.

Yeah I don’t care for Billy Joel either but I love Movin’ Out.

And this is a good pastiche:

You broke my heart, NBomb

If it makes you feel better, Barry, this thread has convinced me to give him a serious revisit, though I was pretty drunk when I had that thought and I am now sober. TIME WILL TELL


But Just the Way You Are is a sentimental nightmare of a song that I will never warm to. Sorry, Badger.

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I’m not a fan of Just the Way You Are either, for chill ballad billy I prefer Say Goodbye to Hollywood

I really like the Billy Joel concert film footage from his 80s Russian excursion. I already posted Matter of Trust from KONTSERT in the Music You Are Listening To Thread (MOT is my favorite song from the live movie), but Sometimes a Fantasy is also a good one from that film. He was real good live. Sweaty, Jewish, twitchy, PASSIONATE and having fun.

I like the Glass Houses and Nylon Curtain albums because BJ was obviously ripping off the style of New Wavers like the Jam with the first one and then Bruce Springsteen with Allentown on Nylon Curtain, but putting his own Billy Joel spin on it.

He was aping other people, but he was doing it because of his very New York-guy seeming insecurity, which is charming. I like underdogs with chips on their shoulder, and resentments that drive them to push harder to be respected. Billy Joel never got the critical praise of a lot other huge singers and bands of his time, even though he was a very competent musician and (in my opinion) solid lyricist, so he frequently did albums and songs that were similar to other artists, but not particularly to sell more records, but rather only to try to get the critical respect he craved but never completely got. It’s a very nebbish, human thing.

Supposedly he treated his touring band badly, but I still love him.


My brother knows one of Joel’s guitarists a bit and it sounds like Billy’s pretty good to the band these days. Or at least he is to that guy.

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