Talpra Magyar! [Hungary]

So I’ve just returned from my fourth trip in six years and the flame of love burns strong. I can’t get over the fact that so much of Budapest just works, especially when compared to Stockholm, a city of similar size that is exponentially wealthier.

For our more wonkish members, I feel that this is good starting point to talk about how the Visegrad Group might just rupture the EU when the next group of refugees show up.

Being that Modax now speaks conversational Hungarian, you and he should go together to Magyarorszag and write a travel blog.

:horgh: We’d try to go to Hegyeshalom to “make fuck” and get strung up in a lamppost by the locals.

True story: This go-around the locals clocked my wife as a local due to her uh, size, perpetual tan and a habit of dressing in mostly purple and gold. This is funny to me because the first time I was over I wore a lot of purple and a hat, and old guys were like coming up to me in the streets and talking to me like I knew them.

One thing I will admit is interesting and clearly veering perilously close to wrongthink is how whenever someone tees off on Hungary for not being open to the wonders of multiculturalism or whatever, I immediately think “Hm, wonder if they’ve ever been there?” Because, much like in Minsk the reality on the ground and whatever everyone says is mind boggling.

This trip also had the wonderful Kodak Moment of seeing an overly aggresive and intoxicated British man get absolutely brutalized by a police officer on account of his behaviour outside a club. Justice.

I mean, visiting Sydney or the Gold Coast doesn’t provide much insight regarding Australian treatment of asylum seekers or the takeover of the Australian govt by the far right. I assume that the experience of being a tourist in a place doesn’t necessarily reflect the realities of living there, let alone trying to migrate there or seek asylum. But your point about the external perception that one might have of Hungary as a place of barbed wire and jackbooted fascists marching the streets not matching the reality in the actual country is fair enough.

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No, you’re right. But you do get a feel for things like “is public transportation a nightmare” and various other similar issues that do affect me as a tourist. Hungary backsliding into fascism is bad, but a.) someone elected these guys in the first place and b.) looking at other places I have visited and lived you could make a case for why that happened.

Again - to make it crystal fucking clear - I’m not saying fascism is a good thing.

But the public transport is to die for.


Why do Hungarians wear purple?

Also a cheap shot about Badger being primarily concerned that the trains run on time, etc.


You do know that Budapest doesn’t have right wingers in power, right? Orban lost.

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Next thing he will casually mention the twins.

Two bouncing baby boys: Skwisgaar and Toki.

The ones he dropped off at the pool?

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I will freely admit that I had no idea about that.

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Hey, I’m not saying it’s good the fascists are ascendant or anything but goddamn look how well they’re running the place oh they’re not even running the place er uh how about dat goulash?



Finally, climate change has become a serious matter.

So uhhh… exactly how fascist are the Visegrad group countries?

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