Stupid Shit from the Innernet

I cannot stop watching this video.




Why was this reply hidden? @Eugene, send help!


Attn: Sax

Truth bombs.

Sax has repeatedly told me that only another strong man can truly work a sword.

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A sword meant for actual combat does not weigh 5-10 pounds. A good-sized one-handed sword weighs around 2½-3 pounds. The heaviest 2-handed swords weigh like 6-7 pounds, but these functioned as something intermediate between a sword and a pole-arm. A typical 2-hander might weigh in the 3-4 range. That man does not know what he is talking about. (he’s mostly right about the other stuff).

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I think we might need a sword thread as well as a gun thread

We had a sword thread for a time. You were taking your little leave of absence so you missed it.

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We’ve had threads you wouldn’t believe.

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