Still Real to Me (Wrestling)

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That’s not exactly news, is it? It has been going on for at least 10-15 years, basically since Amazon wish lists were a thing. I’ve read some true horror stories from SHIMMER signing events, and Stardom sells photo books of their wrestlers in bikinis/lingerie. Hell, under previous management they used to feature their underage trainees in those books.

Ah, yes, jobbing out Styles and Wyatt to put over 110 years of worth of dudes who can’t wrestle anymore.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Glad I didn’t watch that pile of shit at my desk today.

Saw that jackhammer though. Very cool.

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Harsh but fair.

So is anyone here watching AEW?

I’ve seen a few episodes of Dynamite, but I don’t have cable to watch them regularly and no way am I paying $50 or whatever for the PPVs (even though I’m more than happy forking over ten bucks a month for the WWE Network) so watching at all seems like kind of a waste if I’m going to miss the payoffs.

I’m in basically the same boat but also read recaps.

Are you also a super cool guy who regularly finds himself eating an edible and doing What Happened When watchalongs?


Guess I should be watching AEW after all

Kevin Owens origin story.

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I cannot believe that they haven’t cancelled Mania.

The city or state will have to step in at some point, right? Is there some insurance angle in the background here?

(Don’t get me wrong, Vince is a stubborn madman, but I wonder if there’s some insurance differential if the city or state cancels on them vs WWE pulling the plug)