Star Trek

Nice use of dialogue from The Mark of Gideon, about 8:30 in.

I’ve never seen an episode of TNG (the aesthetics of that show are hideous to me) and only a few episodes of TOS but I watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s like if Star Wars had a profoundly autistic older brother. The Red Letter Media Re:View on it is fantastic, as well.

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Much like 3/4s of the appeal of cheese is the funky taste, 3/4s of the appeal of TNG is the cheesy 80s fashion/hair/design. More greatness lost on Marius.

One of my best friends (whose opinions I respect) adores TNG and says it’s the ultimate comfort watch, so I’ll give it a chance at some point.

He’s not wrong. Best Star Trek ensemble cast by far. Though I’m so far gone that I even watch the first two seasons and owned a few TNG action figures as a young dildo.

Also, Marina Sirtis is incredibly hot.

I’ve never seen an episode of TNG (the aesthetics of that show are hideous to me)

:horgh: Fuck off, Morgasm.



I just like the colorful, kitschy 60s vibe of the original more! :martin:

I just watched Enterprise, and I’m sad to say I kind of liked it by the end, even though 98% of it is just T’Pol being a space rock junkie, or T’Pol getting mind raped and getting an STD, or T’Pol getting forced to marry some dude, or T’Pol rubbing that gel shit on Phlox, or T’Pol rubbing gel shit on Trip, or the crew openly talking about T’Pol’s ass etc. Basically four seasons of a pouting Vulcan and a killer intro song.

Watched Wrath of Khan last night. Not…good.

:incredulousjones: You got some 'splainin to do!

TNG is so, so good



Not sure how anyone can fail to be charmed by its aesthetic.

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Marius may be the first human being in history to not like Wrath of Khan. If he doesn’t get erect from the sight of Valkris’s cleavage at the start of Search for Spock, there may be no hope for him.

I just enjoyed Star Trek: The Motion Picture a lot more. It’s weirdly compelling. The visual effects are striking, even when they’re bad. The tone is odd, the pacing quiet and slow. It’s so bizarre to think of it as a response to Star Wars. Wrath of Khan felt a lot sillier, and the visuals are nowhere near as memorable. I did enjoy Montalbon eating up the scenery, though.

I’ll see myself out of this thread. I’m ruining the fun.

I like The Motion Picture too. I think it’s the MOST Star Trek of the films because it’s so cerebral, and as you said is visually beautiful. Bear in mind though that they got less money to make Wrath of Khan and it is the epitome of doing more with less. There are so many themes and layers to that film that just as a movie it surpasses TMP and stands the test of time. You’re totally entitled to your opinion, this just seems like a weird hill to die on.

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Teeming with cerebrality.

I’m so sorry no one has attempted to put Asimov’s Foundation books on the big screen.

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The only “sci-fi” novels that I’ve read have been blindsight by Peter watts, X-files: Stolen Lives narrated by David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Mitch pileggi, point omega by don dellilo, Galaxies by Barry Malzberg, Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges, first book of Burroughs’ nova trilogy, Ballard, and the Wikipedia book synopses of each volume of the dune saga.

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