Star Citizen: The Greatest Game Never Made

It’s basically finished now. Just needs a decade or two of polish.

(Aussie dollahs, though. Still more than 300 mil. US.)

What the fuck

Just want to see it get to a billion now.

Something seems off about that.



The development process was basically the worst type of cross continental teams that ended up waiting for each other to do assets or worked on older versions of the engine, I doubt it’s any better with remote development.

I still don’t fully understand what this game is about or why it apparently needs to cost $250 million (and counting). But like, how does stuff like this happen anyway? I haven’t programmed a full 3D game, so maybe the developers would tell me to STFU, but still. The right side up reflection is just baffling. In the reflection, the text is right side up, but the two lines of text have changed position as you would expect, yet the yellow dividing line is now closer to REST & RELAX instead of ENJOY YOUR STAY…

Mind bottling.


It’s a game that has had too much mission creep and a guy that decided to break up development across three continents without a cohesive production plan so studios ended up waiting for development to be done on one side before doing anything themselves. Just a big waste of money. Makes you realize that there’s a reason why EA and Ubisoft exists.

It sounds completely insane.

I guess my point though was that I literally can’t understand how they messed up the reflection like they did. It seems like it should be either upside down or rightside up. Not both, somehow. From a programming / math standpoint, it doesn’t make sense to me.

You have fully understood Star Citizen.

Star Citizen’s Prison system is up and running. It encourages players to turn off the game and do something else. Chris Roberts is a genius.


to be perfectly fair, the world scaling tech they’re working on is actually impressive

maybe they can sell it to someone who makes games

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I see. I’ll watch the full video later, thanks. I guess to clarify, I’m not trying to give them a hard time for having bugs while still being in development. Lord knows I’ve encountered bugs in my own programming projects (though I fix them before releasing it). I was just honestly confused as to how one would go about encountering some of the depicted bugs in the first place. Perhaps I could browse some programming forums to find some riveting discussion on the matter.


  1. Travel to Port Olisar and let hydration get down to around 5% till you observe negative effects.
  2. Die from Dehydration, and Wake up with the same low level of Hydration.
  3. Notice there is No place to purchase Beverages at Port Olisar.
  4. Die from Dehydration, and Wake up with the same low level of Hydration.
  5. Notice there is No place to purchase Beverages at Port Olisar…


There is no place to purchase Beverages at Port Olisar, nor is there a water fountain. My Avatar is stuck in a loop of dieing and waking up thirsty.


If the player dies from dehydration, The “clone” should be hydrated upon “Birth”.

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