Let’s get this cunt a new thread, he fucking nailed the Pickford-VVD thing something chronic.


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I hate that Marcus Rashford keeps making me like him. But the strip is worth it for this panel alone:

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Loathsome, overprivileged cunts who give the impression they’re too thick to realise it in most cases.

Rashford’s stuck in a team that can’t defend and who aren’t going to win anything. It’s OK to like him for that reason, too.

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Maradona edition


It’s telling that comments have been disabled on this one. Nuke Millwall, please. It’s time. It’s always been time.

QPR took the knee after they scored against them last night. Opposing teams doing that forever, please.

Obviously some Tory cunt MP came out after Saturday and said the booing fans needed to be respected. They will do nothing to condemn him, just like they kept Javid away from meeting Trump when he was Home Secretary and ignored his call to investigate the party for Islamaphobia. How that lot get a pass on this stuff beggars belief.

Already out of date (Liverpool bouncing back) but worth it for Steve “Grimey” Bruce.

Another one for @Andrew (I think squires is a bit fond of the barcodes)

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That one was one of his funniest yet.

A week old but still good, and a sweet Spurs 0wn in the BTL

Does anyone else want to throw their phone at a wall when every time the papers report on some no-name backbench racist cunt saying or doing pretty much anything like it’s news?

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No, because I don’t know what you’re referring to. Here you swear an oath of racism as a condition of entry to parliament.

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The last panel contains a possible av for Milbarge if we make it past the last 16.

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