Smelly Intransigence [Punk]

Finally, someone has uploaded one of the absolute best swedish punk masterpieces. The second track (“Stop Smiling”) in particular is a delight.


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Incredible. How come the late 90’s were so good for this type of music and almost everything else sucked dick?


Looking back, this was a really fucking good year for d-beat. Here’s some of the best.

Gënømê - The Sound of Loud Ringing in the Ear

Svaveldioxid - Dödsögonblick

Physique - The Evolution of Combat

Physique - The Rhythm of Brutality

Warchild - Control of Atomic Power

Röntgen - Inhale Death

Subversive Rite - Songs for the End Times

This is some serious, serious crust.

Mint, particularly Gënømê and Physique.

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The vocals are juuust right.

My good buddies did an recording. It’s a way good start to this year in music.


New Pressure Cracks EP:

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The 80’s never really ended. Check out that mint riff in the first song. Also, notice how so many bands have realized what the correct amount of reverb on the vocals should be.

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Top rate. I would like to hear that first song played live very loudly.

Why have these not been mentioned. Answer for yourself!!


This took a long while for me to really “get” (I suspect it’s the vocals) but once it clicked, it really clicked. I absolutely adore the Autopsy-influences evident at several points.

Classic angry female-fronted punk. I love it. The scene in Malmö has really outdone itself in the last three years or so, and this just-released 7" is no exception. Simple, but with that crucial agressiveness. The production is crystal clear with good punch, which is a welcome surprise.

19 minutes of brutally up front and relentlessly rowdy hardcore punk, that slams a firm British stamp on the classic Swedish Hardcore blueprint.

I’d say this is actually a good description. I’m really looking forward to seeing these guys live.

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