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Super Middleweight Fighter Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Pelted With Garbage After Leaving Ring With Broken Nose

Former two-time middleweight world title holder Daniel Jacobs was handed a win over his overweight opponent and former champ Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. who quit the super middleweight fight after the fifth round Friday night. The fight, at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, was put into question earlier after Chavez weighted nearly five pounds more than the 168 pound limit earlier in the week. But when he refused to go back into the ring after he said Jacobs head butted him in the fifth round, the crowd of more than 10,000 became incensed, screaming insults and pelting him with garbage. “I was getting close but got head-butted above the left eye,” Chavez told ESPN after the fight. “I apologize to the fans. I’d love to have a rematch. I got head-butted. He fought a dirty fight and [the referee] didn’t even take a point away. He would have been able to continue doing the dirty work.” The winner, Jacobs, also got pelted with garbage. “They won’t let me enjoy my victory,” Jacobs said as he ducked to not get hit by flying debris. “I never ran and I never will, but I will duck these beer cans.”

Finally caught up with UFC 245. It’s the best card I’ve seen for a while. Faber did well after eating that huge elbow, Nunes ground out her win like she had to and the main event delivered, too. I can’t remember ever seeing Colvington fight. Is he actually a racist moron, or just a troll in a MAGA hat?

He’s claimed in interviews that it’s just an act he started doing because the UFC made it clear his fighting style was boring as fuck and would get him cut as soon as they had an excuse.

I’d personally guess that the politics are somewhat real, and the “fake” bit is the shitty suits and videos with porn stars.

:horgh: I didn’t really notice the suits - that’s probably years of seeing Conor McGregor dressed in the Primark Couture collection - or the porno vids. On one hand I’m annoyed at myself for not keeping up with things, but these days the roster is so bloated and there are so many shitty cards that it’s difficult to do so.

I realise this is all the same stuff old-school fans were saying when I started watching MMA 10-12 years ago. :gramps:

So I guess shit will be insufferable for a while again.

On the other hand Roxanne Modafferi kicks ass again as a +650 underdog.

:scruffy: but we’ve been here before, with the UFC feeding McGregor a series of fighters who play to his strengths en route to a title shot. And they can’t keep him away from Nurmagomedov and maybe Ferguson forever.

I’m not as sure about Ferguson against McGregor, he’s pretty hittable and gets dropped a lot even in his wins. On the other hand he recovers very well and would murder Connor on the ground if he got it there.

Did anyone see UFC 247? I thought about watching the main event but I’ve sat through a lot of five-round Jon Jones fights that were mainly him holding people at arm’s length and smashing them just enough to win each round.

Haven’t watched, but a lot of people thought Reyes got robbed.

I think I saw a quote from Dana White that he said he had Reyes ahead of the fifth round, which basically means he thought he won, unless the last round was a demolition job by Jones.

Hard to know how much Jones trains now, too - that first fight with Gustafsson was close because he allegedly didn’t really bother.

The narrative on Jones vs Gustafsson 1 has changed a bunch of times since the fight. Leading up to and right after the fight Jones and the people around him claimed he had a great camp. Afterwards when Gus became a potential opponent again the narrative was introduced that Jones barely trained at all. Then that was kind off walked back as well.

Personally I saw no sign of Jones being undertrained, he didn’t gas out or anything. It was just the first time he fought someone with a similar reach and arguably superior footwork and combinations. Jones got by on the diversity of his striking and a bit of luck. Gustafssons style also takes a ton of cardio and he was visibly more tired than Jones in the last round after being rocked.

In their second fight Gus injuries where really piling up, check out the difference in body composition if you want. Also one of the first kicks Jones threw appearantly tore a muscle in Gustafssons groin, at which point you’re pretty much fucked.

I think Jones still trains as hard as he can, but he’s piling on mileage, his style is pretty well documented and more fully understood and I think stronger testing under USADA has hit him pretty hard, because I think he’s a career roider.


:inneresting: :cheers:

There’s also a theory that Jones is becoming more of a kickboxer, he almost exclusively finished people on the ground, because his back, knees or hips are shot. It happens to all grapplers eventually, Diego Sanchez is still a great grappler but rarely shows it because he can’t shoot. Even Matt Hughes did a lot of kickboxing in his late career and had to switch stance to shoot because of knee issues. Wrestling isn’t kind to the joints.


u guys hyped 4 the khabib ferguson fight or what

If it happens, which it probably won’t. Also that’s a tough fight for Ferguson after such a lay-off.

It’s a great fight on paper. I think Khabib takes it.

Does anyone know of good boxing streams?

Deontay Wilder’s leather jacket is cool