Ruthless Cookbook

Hey, so Badger and I had an idea of compiling recipes from across the various forum versions into a cookbook in a pdf or some shit. Broken into chapters like Bachelor Chow, curries, etc. Would people actually be interested in that, just so we don’t waste our time?


Very. Great idea.


Could yourself the hassle of pdf-ing it by creating a subforum for it?

Are subforums a thing here, @Eugene?

We certainly had a sticky thread for recipes in the past. I just thought an actual compilation would be more user friendly. We could have both.


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Okay if there’s actual support for this I will try to muster the will to actually do something.

All recipes will be credited. I will try to contact the responsible forumites before including their stuff just to make sure that everything in consensual. Only like 20 people will ever see the fucking this, but I don’t want no trouble.

But will any of the recipes be any good? I’m a gourmand!

Yesterday I tried to make Mac and cheese using a Finnish recipe. It was an unmitigated disaster. Just letting you guys know.


You expect us to account for your delicate tastes? A whisper of finely chopped parsley sends you to the damn hospital.

I think Eugene is asking how many animal face recipes will be included.

This is a great idea. Would enjoy revisiting those posts in cookbook format. When I was trying to get my life under control in my mid twenties and shed the 50 extra pounds I’d put on eating nothing but takeout Chinese, your recipes for carnitas and chicken soup were two of the first I made. Love that memory.


I’m overwhelmed, thanks Greg. That’s awesome. We’re doing this. Badger, fire up the ol printing press.

An update!

I compiled everything from the old recipe thread on the last frm iteration. 57 pages in a Google doc thus far. More stuff backed up on my old laptop that needs to be added, plus all the recipes from all the other threads. This is gonna be a decent fackin book.


:jimmy: :cheers:

Since a bunch of you are stuck at home, it might be a good time to make the massive log of recipes (going back to 2008) available to the frm. My preference was to put together a nicely formatted pdf, but what I currently have is a Google doc with dozens of roughly compiled recipes, copypasted from the frm. Happy to share what I have but not sure if it’s necessary or what format people would like as a temporary measure. Thoughts?

Update again: Badger and I are editing it and also bringing in recipes going back to the old old forum 2008-2015. Releasing a temporary version really isn’t ideal since the formatting is all fucky, but we will get this done. Thanks to Badger it’s looking great and I am revising my recipes so that they are more user friendly. My default style is the opposite of that. User angry?

Awesome. Can’t wait to see the final result!

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Okay, a link is up in the members section.