Running, man

No runnings thread yet?
Just wanted to brag that I did 53 km last week (14+16+23). It was ok.

That is all.

Good talk.

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So this is what it’s like to be freed from the oppressive yoke of Iron Maiden-themed thread titles. Good job, buddy. :cheers:

I’ve taken up running again as my usual forms of cardio are wrestling and more wrestling which I haven’t done in a month.

I started out with 2 km yesterday and it sucked. I dressed too warm, I’m heavy as fuck and my legs aren’t conditioned for running. I’m going out again tomorrow and running the same distance, I’m guessing it’s gonna suck.

First straight line running “virtual” competition took place over the last week.
Everybody got to choose their time and line, who got farthest without deviating more than 100m either side, won.
Two adventure sports maniacs went full retard and did 101 and 101.2 km.
GPS was allowed and most people used it. Official world record is 47,2 km without GPS.


How long it it before curvature of the earth comes into it? Like the sections of the trans-siberian railway that have to take a right every so often to keep it straight on the map.

Every athlete ever is on drugs.

At least everyone at the top in sports where success is mainly about physical advantages.

Like, more power lifters and marathon runners are doped up than table tennis players or archers.

Every. Single. One.

Joe Runner

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London Running

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Turkish Runners are some of the worst dopers.


Not Haile!

Haile, Wilson, Steen. Every single one.

One wild Estoniaman ran 20 sub-3h marathons in 20 days. Allegedly no-one had done that before.
He is mostly a triathlon guy and has a long history of various shenanigans in that too, like 40 Ironmans in 40 days and an Ironman with 10x the distance.

Meanwhile, I have run zero times since the perndermic began.

I get winded fetching snacks.

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 1.24.20 PM


Hoaka OneOne has gotten to them.

These days even the pros are running with some Kramer-level silly shoes.

I did my first pandemic run the other day.

2 slow miles and I was walking like Grandma for at least 2 days hence.


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My left knee has been fucked up for running since August. Walking and biking has been fine, fortunately. Last week I decided to try again a bit, and so far, so good. Did 6k this morning. I’ve missed it quite a bit.