Riot/Civil Disturbance/Racial Unrest Thread

Since the last week of post George Floyd posts is gone, let’s centralize the topic here.


Tried to find how the conspiracy right is tying this to Soros, basically all I could get right now is this RT article that reprints Candace Owens’ tweets that claim (seemingly without much evidence) that George Soros giving grants to BLM related groups is being used to pay people to riot. RT reports on what she’s said like it’s certain, or at least very probable:

just pm patrick for the scoop on that stuff.

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Insightful commentary

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Lockdowns were wrong.

Unless you think deaths will spike because of these mass gatherings even though they’re outdoors and usually wearing masks. I’m on the side of Patrick now. We just have a lot of pneumonia cases.

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These kids spicy.