Regorge in the Morgue [Covers]

These cvlt nation cover albums are usually pretty damn good, so this is worth checking out.

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Case in point, this is a good cover:

considering we’re a cunt hair away from someone posting Six Feet Under, I am pre-emptively changing the title, soz Jimbo.

This arguably sounds better with the big fuck-off bass sound over it, even if it’s not a cover in the technical sense of the word.

I mean, Regorge in the Morgue is a Vomitory song and the whole idea of regorging was integrated into the notion of cover songs, but sure something something Sex Feet Under.

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Who am I to trifle with Vomitory.

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My least favourite BT song, and with the fingered bass cranked up like that it sounds like a goddamned Korn song.

I politely disagree, sir.

I like how whenever I try to post in all caps, which is… often, the frm tells me that I am retarded and won’t let me post it.


:horgh2: Sir, this is a Nordsee

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Another real gimme but like, these are two of my favorite things

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This is how you cover a Simon and Garfunkel song. Disturbed, as usual, can get to fuck.


No, this is a Disturbed cover of Simon & Garfunkel:

(man vomiting)



What does that mean?