Recipe Videos! Post em

Ok, let’s get real. Let’s get serious here. Post good recipe vids.

Only good recipes please.

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Imma make that mustard. I’m all about muttard.

Why are you guys not getting real here?

I’m the realest motherfucker here!

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See, you’re trying to make a joke here but quite frankly I’m not interested in that kind of buffoonery. I cannot sanction it. This is a serious cookery themed video omnibus. This is a research resource.

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Adam Ragusea’s stuff is really good (including his interstitial music for the Greatest Generation star trek podcast). I prefer his bolognese sauce to the one above.

I mean, ragu is in his name. So that’s a powerful omen.

This is a repost but ever since I made eggs this way for the first time this became my normal method. It rules.

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Egg Lords. Technically I outrank you both in egg terms because of my… unfortunate resemblance.

Food Wishes and Recipe Tin Eats are both good sources of inspiration for recipes.

Melissa Clark is probably the chef who has most influenced my cooking though.

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Every recipe I have made from this wonderful channel has been killer and extremely simple.

I was browsing keto reddit, “based and gout-pilled” was a good reply to meat only guys.

Another repost from ye olde forum, but still my go-to 10-minute dish for whenever I have some white wine that needs drinking.

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Fuck yeah.