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Is that your home, Alex?

Nah, I took that with my phone years ago and found it recently going thru old pics. I have zero recollection of where it was taken


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Ironically, chewing tobacco is banned in Denmark.

I didn’t know that. Snus too, or just the loose stuff?

Both, but you can buy it in Copenhagen anyway because Denmark doesn’t give a fuck about the rules.


Then what the hell is the point of the ban?

It’s banned all over EU except Sweden so I think Denmark just banned it and then didn’t bother to actually enforce it to appease Brussels but without actually doing anything. They did it with inside smoking in bars as well. And that’s why I love Denmark.

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Nah, it’s more complicated than that. Apparently it has to do with how finely ground the tobacco is (coarse is okay). I mean, sure, some shops don’t care about the rules, but I think most do.

Incidentally, menthol cigarettes will be banned from May. (I work in a tobacco shop.)

Wait what happened to the life of unemployed leisure?