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China and now apparently India are rounding up Muslims into concentration camps. Good times.


The Hindu nationalists’ beef—so to speak—isn’t only with Muslims.


Turkish-German sawkher star and occasional Arsenal player Mesut Ozil spoke out about the Uyghurs and in a move the Chinese would be proud of is now likely being shipped out to another club in January. He’s also been deleted from the Chinese version of Pro Evolution Soccer.

I mean, he also pockets £350K a week and barely plays for them, but apparently this was a bridge too far.

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What a beautiful angel. Get well soon homie.

85-Year-Old Woman Who Feared Eviction Charged With Murder for Shooting Roommates

An 85-year-old Seattle-area woman has been charged with first-degree murder for shooting two roommates—apparently out of fear she was going to be evicted. KIRO reports that Beverly Jenne lost her home in Federal Way to foreclosure, and it was sold. Sisters Janet Oyuga and Angela Atieno, who are in their 30s, moved in a month ago and were giving Jenne time to find new housing. But in a note penned two hours before the Dec. 18 shooting, Jenne wrote: “She drove me to this… I think she was getting ready to (e)vict me and I’m 85 and no place to go.” Jenne allegedly ambushed the sisters with a revolver, killing Oyuga and wounding Atieno.

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Chicago Tribune has jokes

Who gives a fuck? Christ, these monarchist bootlickers are fucked in the head.




You guys don’t get it: reports like this exist to both impress forelock-tugging serfs and get everyone else angar and indignant that this story, which is utterly unworkable from a logistical point of view, passes for “news”.


Biggest timberland company, obviously.

Begging your pardon. I don’t know from timber.

Corporate timberlands

They are technically a Real Estate Investment Trust these days since they divested most of their manufacturing to stay alive and avoid hostile takeovers aimed at cleaning out their monster pension fund in 2008.