Random Image Thread: International Edition


Not anymore, mate. We had an election, you should google the results.



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For Badger:

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He has that shit on speeddial.


Dutch is highly silly. Dutch slang for testicle is KLOOT. The first Dutch insult I remember learning was klootzak, literally “ballbag”. Good times.

It is also the ugliest language in Christendom.

Nö Dootche is ëën boodïfool loongwëdgche

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Barry, they don’t use umlauts. -1.

Eh. It has a gutteral thing going on which is unpleasant. But it has some of that melodic quality that Scandanavian languages possess and German distinctly lacks.

Do you know who spoke German? The Nazis.

He makes a good point, GO

Fortunately the Italians would never stoop to electing a fascist and fighting with the baddies in WW2.

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