Questions for "wise" men with mechanical keyboards

Why is it that everything gets incrementally better, but browsers are as bad as they’ve ever been? Chrome is an ungodly mess and cripples my computer, Firefox is like driving a bathtub and I’m not even getting into Edge or whatever it is Microsoft has going on.

I mean, 90% of the time it’s the first thing that you start when the computer boots up and it still doesn’t work? My now-deceased Macbook Air took something like five seconds to boot, but to get Chrome running without stuttering was an easy two minutes. How does this make sense.


Have you tried MS Edge? These days it is a seamless clone of chrome in almost every way but plays nicer with hardware.

Isn’t Edge just Internet Explorer in a Charles Manson-shirt and Jncos?

I’m still using chrome, I haven’t had any issues. Still quick and snappy. My computer is still decently quick though (I think?), 4.2 Ghz i7 with 16g of DDR4. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah, I have no problem with Chrome and my laptop is 5 years old. Badger has just passed out at his computer with a cigarette in his mouth one too many times.


New Edge is chromium based, rather than IE. I’ve only used it a bit, but it seems okay.

A relative is buying a new home, non-gaming PC and has asked if it’s worth adding a graphics card to this spec:

  • Core i3
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2TB HDD
  • DVD-RW
  • Windows 10 Home

Please and thanks.

if you’re not gaming at all i wouldn’t bother with a graphics card. if he wants to spend a little for a performance boost the best thing to do would be switch out the hdd for an ssd. you could also save money ditching the dvd-rw unless you know you’re gonna need it. i don’t know anyone using discs anymore


How much is an internal dvd drive now? An external is like €25, as I just had to buy one for work.

this seems like a budget build so i figure they’re trying to cut corners. definitely don’t pay retail for the windows key by the way


:cheers: all - it’s the standard build a local independent supplier does.

They still use physical media so it’s worth having the DVD drive on there. Likewise, I don’t want the pain of acquiring and installing an OS for them. Upgrading to an SSD is an option. I think it’s the same price for the same spec but with a 480 GB SSD drive, which should be plenty of storage for what they need.

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yeah the ssd is definitely a smart choice then.

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I bought a reconditioned wireless Apple keyboard off eBay for half price. Still got absolutely hosed, obviously, but I am no longer hunching over my laptop, which is on a stand/easel thing I also bought, and I’m hoping Barry will forgive its lack of chunky keys in time.

edit: not technically a question, more keyboard chat.

Adblock Plus. There are more tech-y ones but I find them overly sensitive.

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ublock origin is the one to use


Yes, and make sure you don’t substitute uBlock (not Origin). Ad blocking is a fucking minefield except in Safari/Mobile Safari where Apple has enforced siloed client side blocking.


Dave and Bildo are overestimating your competence with and patience for electronic devices.

I’m a good guy. I’m trying to help.

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Is there an ad blocker that sites can’t recognise you are using?

i don’t see how ublock origin is any harder to use than adblock plus. if you don’t want to tweak it the default settings are fine