Questions for frmites

@Collden, I’m going to need to know more about you as a person if I’m going to have any time for more Scamdemic stuff from you.

Here, we’ll start here:

  • Friends
  • Seinfeld

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I don’t remember anything about Friends except Joey thinking Raymond Chandler was a made-up person, so Seinfeld.

writing on a notepad yes, interesting.

And this?

Do You Own A Microwave?
  • Yes
  • No

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Nothing better than a microwaved Gorby’s Pirog


I put an extra slice of cheese on top, to seal in the juices.

For a treat.


I just leave it in the packaging until the hot air pops it like a giant bubble wrap.

I would like to add some questions to the frm-typology test so I can propperly locate new frmites on the post-mind-matrix:
Do you self-identify as an engineer?
Do you enjoy performing anilingus?
Do you work in a teaching related profession?


Also need to know if he enjoys receiving it and whether he views the two as unequally pleasurable, aka the Marius Dichotomy.

I’m a postdoc slave and as vanilla as it gets.

Vanilla has nothing to do with it, sir, that question is political at the core. Is your postdoc activity engineering related?

Fucking hell no

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No I’m in preclinical drug testing, hoping I can engineer a paper soon though.

fuck yeah, new thread time!

This is how i mentally group frmites:


I’m as anti-Friends as it gets, but this actually sounds like a good joke.

Back to the questions:

What is the joke in this cartoon?


It really is a great lack of empathy detector.

Being scandinavian I can only relate to this joke on a conceptual level, but PBF is great.

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But what is the joke?

Can we add frmite names to this graph?