Premier League 20/21

The ball is fuck ugly.


It’s always the same story: some sweatshop apologist creates the most aerodynamic one yet, apparently, and then players spend the next six months complaining that it moves like a beach ball.

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It’s a nerdy pet hate, but the word “Aerodynamic” is not what anyone thinks it is. It’s like saying something is more “Thermal”. Does that mean it is hotter, colder, better are transmitting heat, or better at insulation?

Also, “Truer” flight? Does that mean that it is harder or easier to curl, for instance?

What I would say about that ball is that where they may have done everything with a view to predictable flight, I would say it is going to bounce weird, especially when any spin is applied.

I look forward to someone spending €250 on it for my weekly 6-a-side on bumpy astro, just for us to leave it in the goal and return to my Adidas Tango, like we have done with every new ball someone brings.

Btw, who asked for a PL 20/21 thread? Some of us are quite taken with the ON-GOING season, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Andrew needs time to prepare for the arrival of his new Saudi overlords.

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He’ll go to roll out the red carpet for them, and bits of a journalist will fall out.


Scotty Parker’s back. :feelsgood:

With so many sickly players in the Liverpool ranks, where of 35 players 22 are asthmatic – 63% of the squad, over five times higher than the 12% UK average.


Lol… “they must have been od’ing on caffeine, I have no evidence of this but it’s the only explanation for why they were good, therefore they will lose to prevent heart attack”. What a retarded article. The secret of Liverpool’s title success was that they learned to control games ; they often played in 2nd gear and eked out 1-goal wins where previously they (and still today, City) would over exert themselves chasing 4th and 5th goals, then fall flat in the following game. Liverpool has been in light training mode since lockdown started, they will be fine.

Sir, you have posted clickbait masquerading as science.

That’s why I didn’t quote anything else from the article. The caffeine thing is a non-issue.

The asthma thing should ring alarm bells. The same way the a load of pro cyclists are apparently “badly asthmatic”.

Oh okay. Well I googled asthmatic footballers and found a 2017 article claiming 28% of prem players have “exercise-induced asthma”, and a thread on RedCafe asking “does this [new] article have substance?”, to which the answer was “YES! same old scousers always cheating”. I shall remain sceptical until any substance (pun intended) is revealed.

I should add, I really don’t think it would be just Liverpool. The blood bag scandal in Spain was obscene. Every professional sport that has had a spotlight shone on it has been dirty as fuck, and football has to be found out at some stage. Especially as football is profitable these days. I think there was less pressure when the vast majority of clubs were loss making, and owned by the local businessman. Coaches brining magic doctors around with them to different teams, or sending players off to a handful of “specialists” is suspect too.

For the moment supporters anxious to know how good, bad or indifferent the team are looking seem destined to frustration. Unless the television schedules change, they will be unable to see Bruce’s side for the whole of September.

Allegations of broadcast piracy against Saudi Arabia helped derail the takeover; how ironic then that Newcastle fans are searching for access to illegal overseas streams in time for the big kick-off.


Howay the dodgy Russian streams

They put the :niels: on that almost immediately:

People should steal these rather than give money to Sky or Amazon, though.

Liverpool* must be very worried about COVID-19, with all the asthmatics in the squad. Its a dangerous combination.

Anyway, this game with Leeds is good watching. Just two teams throwing haymakers.

*and every other squad of large numbers of asthmatics we don’t know about.

Leeds’ first goal was beautiful. Scoring 3 at Anfield is impressive, but you’re always going to need at least 4 to get a point there.

Just like Atletico Madrid.

Are Newcastle good now? Weird that they’ve bought well.

I assume Kevin Nolan will be the next West Ham manager.

Looked decent but West Ham are probably shit.

West Ham are definitely shit. I cannot think of a more dysfunctional club that clings on in the Premier League. They remind me of Sunderland.

Shearer did a decent breakdown on Match of the Day about how Wilson made a lot of intelligent runs and held up the ball well but they came to nothing because his teammates aren’t yet used to playing with strikers who make intelligent runs and hold up the ball well.

Jamal Lewis looks quality as well.