Pork Cops

I miss having a cop thread.

The complete utter brokenness of the American law enforcement culture only really gets brought up when someone gets shot but if you ever just spend like 20 minutes parsing through videos of random cop stops, it is if anything more obvious why this stuff is inevitable than it feels from watching the videos of when it actually happens.

“I just made some shit up about weed smell, accused your friend of having a concealed gun and a deadly, mad dog look in his eye based on absolutely nothing, and the fact that your heart is now racing is all the proof I need.” I mean, your life must just flash before your eyes every time you get pulled over while black and you must feel like a cat who just lost another of his nine lives when you get to drive away at the end.

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The judge:

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All Cat Cops are bastards. :seriouscat:

Owning a cat is like being in a terrible marriage you can’t escape.

You just hope a car runs them down one day.

It could be that, or you could just be a piece of shit.

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But I’m not a cop.

Charges Dropped Against Man Charged in Wife’s 1990 Murder After Friend Confesses: Authorities

Charges were dropped against an Alabama man accused of killing his wife in 1990 after another man confessed to the murder, authorities announced Monday. Dale County District Attorney Kirke Adams said during a press conference that murder charges against Carl Harris Jr., 55, were dropped on the day his trial was scheduled to begin, after Jeff Beasley, 54, admitted to killing Harris’ wife, Tracy Harris. “I think this arrest shows we never give up on getting the truth and serving justice,” Adams said Monday. Tracy’s body was found in the Choctawhatchee River a week after she disappeared from Ozark on March 7, 1990. Medical examiners determined from the bruises on her neck that she may have been strangled and then drowned. Her case was reopened by Ozark police in 2016 and Harris was arrested in South Carolina. When Harris’ lawyers pointed to Beasley—a friend of the couple when Tracy disappeared, according to police—as a potential witness, investigators tracked him down and he confessed.

“I think this arrest shows we never give up on getting the truth and serving justice,” Adams said Monday.

Yeah. Completely fucking up and almost giving life in prison to an innocent man when all you had to do was ask the actual killer if he did it. Only finding the right guy because the defense did your investigation for you. This shows that you are committed to getting it right. What the fuck.


The FBI will take over the investigation of Hialeah Police Department Sgt. Jesús Menocal Jr. after a fifth woman has come forward alleging that she was assaulted by the officer. The Miami Herald reports that the latest alleged victim came forward when Menocal was arrested in December after four women, including two minors, accused the police officer of sexually assaulting them. Menocal has pleaded not guilty to charges that he detained two of the women, “subjecting them to non-consensual sexual encounters … while he was acting in his official capacity as a police officer” in 2015. The latest woman to come forward says she has an audio recording of the assault, which happened when she was around the age of 18. “The FBI has asked to take the lead on the new complaint,” Ed Griffith, a spokesman for the state attorney’s office, said. “Since they already have an indictment pending that is similar in nature to the new complaint, we agreed to their request. We have offered the FBI our assistance if they request it.”

Real Ass Bitch of the Week

A 51-year-old Chicago woman shot three state troopers, killing one, before taking her own life inside a cigar bar in suburban Chicago on Friday night, according to WGNTV. Surveillance video shows Lisa McMullan sitting behind a group of people who were watching a big screen TV in the cigar bar’s media room before standing up, pulling out a gun and shooting a man, who happened to be a retired state trooper, in the head. She then shot two other men—both state troopers—before fatally turning the gun on herself, according to local news reports. The shooter’s motive and connection to the men is not known at this time.


The fact that cocaine mixed with baking soda is treated as more illegal than the same amount of regular cocaine is all you need to know to begin with.

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A Massachusetts man who armed himself with a crossbow to save his neighbor from a vicious dog attack accidentally killed his neighbor while fending off the dogs, authorities said Thursday. According to officials, the man heard his neighbor—who was also his friend—shouting for help on Wednesday afternoon and grabbed his legally owned hunting crossbow to go help him. He then went to his neighbor’s apartment, where the dogs were attempting to attack the neighbor, who was barricaded behind a door. The man stood at the bottom of a stairwell and shot towards the dogs on the landing. The arrow hit one dog, but then went through the door and hit the neighbor. A young girl, who was also in the apartment, was unharmed. Officials said one of the dogs belonged to the deceased neighbor, and the other dog was owned by the neighbor’s girlfriend. When police responded to the scene, the dogs showed aggression and were killed after being shot multiple times.

Berkshire District Attorney Andrea Harrington said the neighbor’s death appeared to be accidental, and described the man as a “good Samaritan” who was cooperating with officials in their investigation. Harrington added that the man was in a “very stressful circumstance” and was “very distraught.” She said she did not anticipate criminal charges for the man.


Cool and good.